The Current Situation and the Construction of Its Security System of Animal Food Safety

  • Shujing Wang
Keywords: Animal Food Safety, Current Situation of Development, Security System


Animal food is an important part of food. It not only improves people's living standards, changes
people's diet structure, but also lays a solid foundation for farmers to increase income, economic development
and export earnings. However, with the development of economy and society, and the abundance of quantity
and variety of animal food, and the quality of food safety is more and more worrying. This paper aims to
explore the current status and the construction of a safeguard system of animal-derived food safety. Through
literature analysis, normative analysis and research discussions, conduct multiple angle and multiple faceted
research. This paper discusses the problems and influencing factors of animal food safety in China, analyzes the
current situation and existing problems of animal food safety regulation in China, and put forward practical and
feasible countermeasures based on China's national condition. Research shows, the guarantee system
constructed in this paper has certain reference significance for improving the efficiency of animal food safety
guarantee system, protecting consumers and promoting the development of animal husbandry in China. In short,
we need to strengthen the awareness of animal food safety. The construction of animal food safety system
requires the joint efforts of the government, producers, operators, consumers and scholars from all walks of life.