Economic Animal Investment from the Perspective of Rationality Change of Economic Development Mode

  • Weiqi Pei
Keywords: Economic Animals, Economic Development Methods, Investment Research, Industrial Upgrading


Economic animal industry is a characteristic industry with high added value, which has obvious
advantages: obvious regional characteristics, lower cost than other aquaculture industries, short cycle and higher
economic value. In the context of the continuous improvement of people’s material living standards, compared
with common livestock, people’s interest in economic animals is increasing, and the demand for economic
animals is also expanding. In view of the advantages of economic animals to ordinary livestock and the
improvement of social attention, the economic animal industry has great market potential and investment
prospects. In today’s social development, the transformation of the mode of economic development has become
an important position for the overall strategic decision-making of national development. Economic animal
investment is conducive to the adjustment of rural industrial structure and can become a new bright spot in the
transformation of rural economic development. However, at present, China’s economic animal industry has
encountered many difficulties, such as the small scale of the industry as a whole and the distance between the
management mode and developed countries. It has become an urgent need for China’s economic animal
industry to conduct theoretical research on economic animal industry investment and provide reference for
economic animal investment. Starting from socialism with Chinese characteristics, this paper uses SWOT
method to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of China’s economic animal industry investment under the
background of economic mode development, combining with the characteristics, connotation and development
background of economic animals. The analysis results have important theoretical and practical significance for
guiding the development of China’s economic animal husbandry. According to the results of SWOT analysis,
this paper proposes to promote the development of animal economic investment: on the basis of investment
environment, adhere to the functions of different investors of the government and enterprises, and master the
investment mode.