Animal Classification, Large Data, Association Mining, Parallel Clustering, Binary Tree, Support Vector Machine

  • Shanshan Dong
Keywords: Special Economic Animal, Hidden Markov, Distributed Filtering, Circular Economy, Evaluating Indicator, System Construction


With the development of large-scale, the environmental pollution brought by the special economic
animal industry has become the main source of rural non-point source pollution. To this end, the National No. 1
document has repeatedly made the prevention and control of rural livestock and poultry environmental pollution
a top priority. At present, China's special economic animal industry is rapidly developing in the direction of
scale and industrialization; on the other hand, it is facing increasingly serious resource shortages and environmental
pollution constraints. How to deal with the contradiction between the rapid development of the pig industry
and the resource environment has become an urgent problem that needs to be studied and solved theoretically
and practically. This paper builds a regional aquaculture circular economy evaluation system based on the
“4R” principle of the special animal breeding industry, including social development, resource reduction, recycling
and environmental safety. There are 18 specific indicators. Then, the evaluation index system of rural
aquaculture circular economy based on IMM distributed filtering was proposed. Based on the statistical data of
Hunan Province from 2003 to 2013, the comprehensive economic development of special animal breeding industry
was evaluated. The results show that the circular economy of special animal breeding industry in Hunan
Province has experienced a period from slow to accelerated, and the overall level has been increasing from 2003
to 2013. Finally, the countermeasures and suggestions for promoting the development of circular economy in
Hunan special animal breeding industry are put forward.