Quadruped Animal Moving Target Extraction and Background Reconstruction Algorithm

  • Dongmei Zhou
Keywords: Quadruped Animals, Target Recognition and Extraction, Space-Time Significance, Background Reconstruction


With the rapid development of computer technology, video surveillance systems are spread all over the
streets, bringing convenience to people’s lives. Video is also becoming more and more intelligent. Among them,
the identification, tracking and extraction of moving targets are the challenges faced by intelligent monitoring
systems. Based on the movement of the quadruped, this paper proposes an algorithm for the extraction and
background reconstruction of the quadruped animal. Firstly, the moving target of the video sequence is detected
by combining the background subtraction method and the interframe difference method, and then the target
tracking is performed based on the moving target feature. In the extraction of moving targets, an algorithm for
animal moving target extraction based on spatiotemporal saliency is proposed, and the background reconstruction
based on probability and statistics theory is used. Through the experiments of two similar quadruped animals,
such as dogs and wolves, the proposed method has better anti-interference and better results in the recognition and
extraction of moving targets.