Application of Non-Conflict Path Planning for Container Automatic Loading and Unloading Vehicles in Animal Transportation

  • Tiantian Zhu
Keywords: Animal Transport, Bat Algorithm, Container Terminal, Conflict-Free, Path Planning


In the current social environment, the selection of animal transportation routes is not enough. A large
number of animal carriers lack the corresponding knowledge and skills. In the actual transportation process,
transportation is often blocked or animal death occurs. Not only caused a lot of economic losses, but also easily
spread the animal epidemic. The purpose of this paper is to apply the Bat algorithm’s container automatic loading
and unloading vehicle non-conflict path planning to animal transport. This paper uses group intelligence algorithm
to solve the path planning problem of container Yard Bridge. Under the condition of known yard, according
to the given lifting task, the mathematical optimization model of single and multi-stack bridges with the
shortest moving distance of the yard bridge is established. Then, an effective algorithm is proposed for the discrete
combination optimization problem. The shortcomings are improved, and an expert adaptive adjustment
hybrid bat algorithm based on the predator-predator region of the new bat algorithm is proposed. Secondly, the
biological mechanism of bat algorithm is studied, and an improved bat algorithm based on stage-adapted adaptive
adjustment of predator regional experts is proposed. The algorithm can automatically fine-tune the predetermined
predation area according to the evolution degree of the current population. Finally, taking the conflictfree
path planning of container automation terminal as an example, the effectiveness of the algorithm is verified
by simulation experiments.