Experimental Animal Mall Platform Based on Mobile Internet

  • Zhiwei Yang
Keywords: Mobile Internet, Experimental Animals, Platform Design


With the extensive and in-depth application of information technology to various fields of human
society and playing an increasingly important role. Based on the prospect of mobile Internet application, the
design of the experimental animal mall platform is carried out on the characteristics of the experimental animal
industry and the current supply and demand of the industry. The application of the experimental animal mall
platform allows users to conduct resource inquiry and real-time transactions through mobile terminals, PCs and
other multi-terminal forms at any time and place, and will innovate the trading mode of experimental animal
industry resources. This paper aims to improve the utilization of experimental animal resources throughout the
industry chain rate. By analyzing the main online mall products in the current market, this paper develops a
Web-based online mall solution using the technical advantages of JAVA, and realizes the complete product sales
function from commodity storage to consumer payment purchase to after-sales service record. In addition, the
online merchandising system also provides users with the ability to find records related to merchandise in the
database. At the same time, in order to ensure the normal operation of commodity transactions, the user’s login
registration function is also realized. According to the requirements of software engineering, the online mall
system analyzes the requirements, overall design detailed design, coding and testing. On the basis of this, the
theoretical knowledge and development technology are applied to the realization process of the system, and the
construction of the online mall platform is completed. . After a lot of system tests, JAVA website has a faster
access speed, better security and strong practicability. The research shows that the design of the experimental
animal farm platform based on the Internet can solve the problem of the demand of experimental animal
resources, improve the work efficiency of each unit, promote the social and economic benefits of the
experimental animal industry, and play an important role in the development of the experimental animal