Health Care Effect of Four Forest Community Environments Based on Animal Behavior

  • Ming Liu
Keywords: Animal Behavior, Forest Community Environment, Forest Health Care, Environmental Factors, Opening Experiment


Animal behavioral is a science that studies the living habits of animals. It originated from the
exploration of animal behavior by scientists at first. With the development of human society and economy,
animal behavioral has gradually become correlated with many subjects, especially with the forest community
environment, there is a strong connection. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the distribution, species
and quantity of shrub species in four typical forest community types (Bamboo forest, Coniferous and
Broad-leaved mixed forest, hard broad-leaved forest and mixed forest), and to study and analyze the behavioral
performance of mice in the environment, to discover the impact of environmental factors on the life behavior of
mice. This paper use the open field test (OFT) research method to record and quantitatively analyze changes in
behavioral indicators of mice living in four forest communities, and studied the effects of different forest
communities on the self-issuance of mice at the same time. Finally, we hope to be able to comprehensively
evaluate the Health Care effect of the community environment. The results showed that the survival indexes of
the mice in the experimental group and the control group had regular changes to some extent. In the early stage
of the experiment, the difference between the mice was not obvious, however, with the rapid changes in
environmental factors and the accumulation of impact factors, the differences between the middle and late stages
are obvious. From experimental group and control group’s the total distance of movement, the number of
entrances and the number of standings, the weight of mice, and the number of stools to analyze, It is found that
the relative humidity, the number of fecal pellets and the body weight are positively correlated. The environment
of the four forest communities has a certain positive effect on the daily behavior of the mice, the four forest
environments have different degrees of promotion on the behavior of mice, among them, bamboo forest has the
best effect on animal discovery ability, and the ability to release stress, coniferous and broad-leaved mixed
forests have a good effect on improving the vitality of animals. Therefore, we can know that different groups of
people should choose the appropriate forest environment for recreational activities according to different