Mechanism of Notch Signaling Pathway on Spinal Injury and Repair in Rats Under Exercise Intervention

  • Ming Yu
Keywords: Exercise Intervention, Regulation, Notch Signaling, Spinal Injury Model, Tarlow Score.


In this paper, the mechanism of Notch signaling pathway regulated by exercise intervention was
studied. First of all, the spinal cord injury model of rats was established. The experiment was divided into Spinal
Cord Injury (SCI) model group, exercise training group and normal group. The improved Tarlow score was used
to record the exercise score of rats on the 1st, 3rd, 7th, 14th and 28th day after operation. Then the related signal
expression in spinal cord tissue of the spinal cord injury site was detected. The modified Tarlow score of spinal
injury model group and exercise training group was significantly lower than that of normal group at all time
points. The results showed that the Notch signaling pathway could be inhibited by exercise intervention to
protect SCI in rats.