The Gait Characteristics and Heterogeneity of Ancient Horses: Take Tang Dynasty Tomb Murals as an Example

  • Hongjuan Guo
Keywords: Horse, Gait Characteristics, Heterogeneity, Tang Tomb Mural


This paper analyzes the heterogeneous characteristics of horses so as to scientifically understand and
recognize the rules of horses in ancient paintings. The gait characteristics of horses have always been used as
important research objects to study the characteristics of horses. The modern horses are used as research objects to
investigate the gait characteristics of horses. Through the analysis of the differences in the morphological
characteristics of different types of horses in modern times, the basic characteristics of different horses are
summarized to infer the heterogeneous characteristics of ancient horses in China. Taking this as a comparison, this
paper analyzes the artistic expression of Chinese horses in the tombs of Tang Tomb.