The Effect of Vibration Strength Training on the Enhancement of Lower Limb Strength in Mice

  • Zhijuan Shen
Keywords: Vibration Strength Training, Lower Limb Strength, Strength Enhancement, Lower Limbs of Mice


With the development of competitive sports, the physical quality requirements of athletes are getting
higher and higher. The biggest feature of vibration strength training is that it can effectively increase the
maximum strength, rapid strength and strength endurance of the muscle under relatively small load conditions.
However, there are not many researches on the application of vibration strength training to athletes. This is also
the problem that the current competitive sports field needs to solve. The purpose of this paper is to study the
effects of vibration strength training on the enhancement of lower limb strength in mice. In this paper,
experimental experiments and mathematical statistics are used to train different frequencies of experimental
mice. In this paper, by studying the maximum strength and explosive power of the lower limbs of the mice, the
increase of the block jump and run-up jump of the experimental group was 33.3% and 25%, respectively, and
the increase of the block take-off and run-up jump of the control group were 10% and 6.25%, respectively. It can
be seen that the vibration strength training has a positive effect on the strength enhancement of the lower limbs
of the mice.