Effect of Hypoxic Exercise on Adipose Tissue Hypoxia in Insulin-Resistant Rats

  • Shumei Liu
Keywords: Hypoxic Exercise, Adipose Tissue, Hypoxic State, Rat Study


To study the effect of hypoxic exercise on insulin resistance and adipose tissue hypoxia. It is of great
significance to solve the health problems of obese population in the future. The aim of this study was to
investigate the effects of hypoxia on adipose tissue in insulin resistant rats, it provides a new theoretical basis for
exercise therapy of obesity and insulin resistance. After 8 weeks of high-fat diet, rats were selected to meet the
modeling criteria, and insulin resistance rat model was established. Twenty-four adult rats were randomly
divided into four groups, six rats in each group: normoxic quiet group (NC), normoxic exercise group (NE),
hypoxic quiet group (HC) and hypoxic exercise group (HE). In the NE and HE groups, rats were trained on a
horizontal animal treadmill. The rats in HC and HE groups were intervened with 13.7% oxygen concentration
and weighed every other day during the experiment. At the end of the experiment, rats were executed and their
perirenal and peritesticular fat were stripped to weigh. The peritesticular fat was taken to make frozen sections,
HE staining was used to observe the change of adipocyte diameter, western Blot was used to detect the
expression of HIF-1alpha and Glut-1 in adipose tissue. The experimental results show that: four weeks of
hypoxic exercise could significantly reduce the body weight and growth rate of rats (P<0.05). The total perirenal
and peritesticular fat content in NE and HE groups was significantly lower than that in other groups (P<0.05),
and there was no significant difference between the two groups. The diameter of adipose tissue in each group
was significantly lower than that in the control group (P<0.05). Exercise and hypoxia could significantly reduce
the expression of HIF-1alpha in adipose tissue (P<0.05), there was no significant effect on the expression of
Glut-1 protein. From the point of view of reducing weight gain and fat content, the effect of hypoxic exercise
and normoxic exercise on weight loss is better than that of hypoxic exposure alone. Hypoxia and exercise can
significantly improve the hypoxia of adipose tissue, but have no significant effect on glucose metabolism,
aerobic exercise is more conducive to improving the hypoxia of adipose tissue in insulin resistant individuals.