Animal Disease Diagnosis Expert System

  • Penggang Chen
Keywords: Animal Diseases, Disease Diagnosis, Expert System, Knowledge Representation


Animal diseases have become a major obstacle to the production efficiency of animal husbandry in
China. Because the initial symptoms of animal diseases are not clear, many people lack understanding of animal
diseases, leading to clinical diagnosis of early animal diseases. The purpose of this paper is to study an expert
system for the diagnosis of animal diseases. Based on the expert system theory, this paper develops a user-based
computer based on the principles of knowledge base, comprehensive database, inference engine, humanmachine
interface and knowledge acquisition machine, combined with Visual Basic programming language and
Microsoft Office Access database software. Animal disease diagnostic expert system. After testing, the system
test results are 90% accurate for the diagnosis of the disease. It can be seen that the animal disease diagnosis
expert system system is in line with the clinical diagnosis characteristics of animal diseases, and has strong
practicability and operability.