Giant Panda Habitat Protection and Economic Development of Marginal Zone

  • Lina Yang
Keywords: Giant Panda Habitat Protection, Marginal Belt Economy, Economic Development, Comprehensive Evaluation


Dealing with the relationship between tourism development and world heritage on the edge,
managing world heritage and ensuring the sustainable development of world heritage is an important
embodiment of adhering to the Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Giant
pandas are very precious natural heritage, and their academic research value is high. Their survival and
protection status have received wide attention. Sichuan giant panda habitat, as the world's largest and most
complete giant panda habitat, its protection work appears to be important, with significant representative and
exemplary significance. The protection of giant panda habitat in Sichuan is difficult, and its coordinated
development with the marginal zone is a problem that has long plagued researchers. This paper proposes the
main problems of the protection of giant panda habitat and the economic development of habitat margins. From
the perspective of tourism, it explores the methods of resolving contradictions, and proposes a new model for
exploring the economic development of marginal zones. The purpose is to promote the harmonious coexistence
of giant panda habitats and regional residents. The comprehensive evaluation method and analytic hierarchy
process are used to invigorate giant pandas. Land heritage protection and marginal belt economy, especially
tourism development, and the coordination between the two were evaluated. The results showed that the score
of Sichuan Giant Panda Habitat Heritage Protection was 0.413, which was moderate (III), the tourism
development score was 0.222, the grade was poor (V), and the comprehensive coordination score of heritage
protection and economic development was 0.65, which was moderate (III), indicating that the two are more
coordinated but the economic development of the marginal zone is lagging behind.