On the Basic Principles of China’s Economic Animal Welfare International Trade Legislation

  • Zhen Tian
Keywords: Animal Welfare, International Trade, Animal Welfare Legislation, Import and Export Industry


With the increasing international exchanges, in this situation, many countries have introduced animal
welfare concepts into the field of international trade. Based on the consideration of human morality and
ecological environment protection, animal welfare issues are the same as other ecological environmental
problems. It has become a hot topic of discussion in the international community. At present, many countries in
the world have formulated specific animal welfare measures in accordance with their national conditions for the
purpose of protecting animal welfare. In international trade contacts, animal welfare standards are also one of
the important criteria for trade. In recent years, many experts and scholars in China have called for attention to
animal welfare and actively promoted the animal welfare legislation process on different occasions. In this
process, due to the relatively low animal welfare standards in China, China’s international trade has been
seriously affected. The purpose of this paper is to study the impact of economic animal welfare international
trade legislation on China’s import and export trade, and propose corresponding countermeasures. By
investigating the import and export trade data of China’s livestock and poultry products in recent years and the
data of animal welfare in China’s related industries in recent years, before the law on animal welfare has not
appeared as the experimental control group, the animal welfare in these years is the import and export trade to
China. The impact of the experimental group, the collection of experimental data, analysis of experimental
results, experimental results show that the economic animal welfare international trade legislation has a huge
impact on China’s import and export trade. In order to win higher economic benefits in the international market,
China should pay close attention to the implementation of international trade legislation on economic animal