Effect of Electroacupuncture Stimulation on Tennis Athletes' Condition of Reflex Velocity Model in White Rats

  • Jianwu Li
Keywords: Electroacupuncture Stimulation, Conditioned Reflex, Velocity Model, Tennis Player


In recent years, the development of international professional tennis events has promoted the
prosperity and development of tennis in various countries. The development trend of professionalization,
commercialization and specialization of international professional tennis events is increasingly obvious. China's
professional tennis has achieved world-renowned achievements in both singles and doubles. However, how to
maintain the situation of the fairy is an urgent problem we need to solve. The purpose of this paper is to study
the effect of electroacupuncture stimulation on the tennis player's conditional reflex velocity model. In this paper,
a conditioned reflex model is established based on the theory of conditioned reflex and electroacupuncture
stimulation. A two-day experiment was conducted on the spatial discrimination of the white mice, and the
average speed was 1.57 seconds on the first day and 1.02 seconds on the second day. It can be seen that
electroacupuncture stimulation is beneficial to improve the conditional reflex speed of mice, and provides a
reference for practical training of tennis players.