Animal Intelligent Logistics Management Based on RFID Technology

  • Xiaoping Yan
Keywords: RFID Technology, Artificial Intelligence Technology, Animal Intelligence, Logistics Management


RFID technology is an advanced form of automatic identification technology. It has unique technical
advantages and can integrate the complete system to realize the informationization and intelligence of the whole
logistics process based on the system. In recent years, the number of serious animal epidemics that have been on
the rise at home and abroad has been complicated, the epidemic situation is disorderly, and the epidemic
prevention tasks are heavy, which directly affects the production of animal husbandry, the safety of animal
husbandry products and the health of human beings, causing huge economic losses to the animal husbandry. To
fundamentally control and eliminate animal diseases, it is necessary to establish a scientific and useful epidemic
prevention and handling guidelines. The purpose of this paper is to use RFID technology to create a collection
of information management, warehousing, transportation, logistics and distribution, and cargo tracking that
fundamentally manipulates and eliminates animal diseases. By investigating the changes in the efficiency of
China's animal intelligence logistics management system and RFID technology in the past five years, the
experimental group has been in the past five years before the application of RFID technology. The impact of
RFID technology on animal intelligent physical management in the past five years is the experimental group.
The experimental data is collected and the experimental results are analyzed. The experimental data shows that
the RFID technology can effectively improve the efficiency of logistics distribution and save costs. Compared
with the prior art, the technical solution has the advantages of convenience, simplicity and reliability. The
experimental results show that the animal identification system converts some principles and methods of
artificial intelligence technology into computer-understandable program codes, and the incidence of diseases is
reduced by 32%, so that animal identification has certain intelligence, good interactivity and visualization
effects. Efficiency in animal transport management has increased by 32% while reducing time costs.