Examination on GPS Spatial Location of Endangered Wild Animals Released in the Wild

  • Guobin Chen
Keywords: Wild Reintroduction, Endangered Wildlife, GPS Spatial Location, Systematic Research


In order to obtain more natural resources, human’s over-exploitation and plundering of nature has
become more and more serious, the living environment of wild animals has been seriously damaged. Many wild
animals are endangered, and in addition to the habitat of endangered wild animals, Includes important stopovers
and breeding grounds for many of the world’s threatened species. Some wild animals are difficult to survive in
the human environment. How to release in the wild and how to achieve real-time tracking of wild animals in the
wild is very important It is very important to have a complete wildlife tracking and monitoring system. In this
regard, this study looked at the behavior of wild animals released from wilderness and data analysis of
vegetation and topography in the study area. Geographic information systems are used as tools to assess the
potential habitat of wild animals released by wildlife. This paper establishes a reasonable evaluation standard by
analyzing the collected data. A comprehensive evaluation of the habitat suitability of wild animals released from
the field was conducted. By investigating the location of the natural water source in the protected area and
measuring the geographical location of the artificial water source by GPS, can determine the distance level
distribution of the different areas of the protected area from the nearest water source.