Differences between Chinese and Western Cultures: from the Metaphor Mapping of English and Chinese Animal Idioms

  • Qiwen Cao
Keywords: Animal Idioms, English and Chinese Culture, Differences


All ethnic groups have their own characteristics in areas of ecological environment, social economy,
literature, history, religion, development and other aspects, thus forming the particularity of national culture and
making the culture of one nation different from that of another in many aspects. This uniqueness is reflected in
different national languages, resulting in different expressions in their own unique idioms. In both Chinese and
English, people use different animal metaphors to express their emotions or describe their behaviors. However, due
to the cultural similarities and differences between different nationalities, the cultural connotations of animal words
in English and Chinese are similar or even the same and some are completely different. This paper aims to analyze
the cultural differences between Chinese and western animal words in idioms.