Impact on Climate and Insect Pests Detected by Satellite Remote Sensing Image

  • Yiyu Zhan
Keywords: Satellite Remote Sensing, Pest Monitoring, Climate Change, Agricultural Meteorological Disaster, Image Recognition.


Climate change is an uncontrollable factor, agricultural pests and diseases are one of the major
agricultural disasters. Both have a very important impact on agricultural meteorological forecasting and
agricultural pest prevention in China. At present, satellite remote sensing technology has strong advantages and
great potential in agricultural pest monitoring and climate prediction. How to effectively carry out prevention
and control work requires an in-depth understanding of the impact on pest and climate monitored by satellite
remote sensing images. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the physical characteristics of remote sensing
image information, find out the problems existing in similar research at home and abroad, analyze and propose a
new impact of pests and climate detected by remote sensing image, and overcome the problems of building
models and difficult processes. This paper analyzes the principle, method, use condition and process of image
recognition and segmentation of satellite remote sensing image detection. At the same time, expounded the
research progress of satellite remote sensing technology in the field of agricultural pest detection, and discussed
the current problems and future development prospects. Finally, by analyzing the frequent occurrences of
extreme weather and the factors that have caused global climatic conditions changes, predict the climate affects
agricultural pests and diseases what impact. Based on the analysis of the global climate status, and combined
with the actual situation of pests and diseases in satellite remote sensing images, test and discuss the impacts of
agricultural pests and diseases and climate. Therefore, it is concluded that combined with satellite remote
sensing image and computer image processing technology, Extracting pest and climate maps from satellite
images and analyzing them quickly, can quickly detect pests, the experimental results are verified to be reliable
and effective, this has brought significant benefits to agricultural pest detection, so this method is now widely
available and superior to other methods.