Impact and Molecular Mechanism Research of Pomegranate Seed oil on Cartilage Metabolism in Rats with Osteoarthritis

  • Tao Zhang
Keywords: Pomegranate Seed Oil, Estrogen-associated Osteoarthritis, Bone Mass, Molecular Mechanisms


The important research significance of this paper is to find out the influence of pomegranate seed oil
on cartilage metabolism in rats with osteoarthritis, thus, the study of rats compares the cartilage metabolism of
middle-aged and elderly people with osteoarthritis and provide a new idea for the treatment of middle and old
aged with osteoarthritis. The way of the study in this paper is to divide the 36 healthy female SD rats into 6
groups randomly according to the principle of balanced body weight, they are normal group, model group, low
medium high dose of pomegranate seed oil group and estradiol group. At the beginning of the experiment, fill
the stomach of mice in each group with fodder according to the standard of 1g/kg/d, and then detect the changes
in body weight of the mice in each group every other week. Record for four weeks totally, and record the uterine
quality at the fourth week. Finally, observe the pathological sections of osteoarthritis in the normal group, model
group and low medium high doses of pomegranate seed oil and compared them. The results showed that the
transcription levels of three osteoclast genes (CTR, ITGB3 and MMP2) in the low-dose PSO group were all
down-regulated, and the 20% down-regulation of CTR was the most significant. Osteoblast gene LRP5 was
up-regulated by 15%, and the effect was basically similar to that of estradiol group. Meanwhile, there was no
significant difference of the related genes expression in the medium and high dose PSO group. In this study, we
feed the rat which the ovary is removed with low-dose pomegranate seed oil, and we find that the quality of
uterus in the low-dose pomegranate seed oil group was similar to that in the normal group, and the development
of joints was normal. Achieved the effect of inhibiting the reduction of uterine mass, avoiding stenosis of joint
space, and microscopic fracture under cartilage. Obtained the density of trabecular bone in the experiment was
1.37±0.23 g/cm3, the bone density of the model group was (0.98±0.15) g/cm3, and the trabecular bone density
was (1.21±). 0.19) g/cm3.These data indicate that pomegranate seed oil can effectively inhibit osteoclast activity
and significantly weaken bone absorption and bone destruction through related gene regulation.