The Impact of Animal Welfare Barriers on Export Trade in Guangxi

  • Chengjia Yang
Keywords: Trade Barriers, Animal Welfare, Export Trade, Animal Products


With the increasing frequency of international exchanges, the degree of international trade
liberalization is getting higher and higher, the barrier effect of traditional tariff is gradually weakening, and
technical barriers are further regulated. Under this situation, many countries especially developed countries have
introduced the concept of animal welfare into the field of international trade and set trade barriers in the name of
animal welfare. In this process, due to the relatively low animal welfare standards in China, China’s
international trade has been seriously affected. The purpose of this paper is to study the impact of animal
welfare barriers on Guangxi’s export trade and propose corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.
Investigate the export trade data of Guangxi and the changes in animal welfare at home and abroad in the past
five years, taking the data before the animal welfare barriers as the experimental control group, and the impact
of animal welfare barriers on the export trade of Guangxi as the experimental group. Collect the experimental
data and analyze the experimental results .The experimental results show that the animal welfare barrier has a
huge impact on the export trade of Guangxi. The experimental results show that animal welfare barriers have a
huge impact on Guangxi’s export trade, which not only causes the enterprises themselves to suffer serious
economic losses, but also may damage the country’s image in the field of international trade, exacerbate
international trade frictions and restrict the development of trade in Guangxi.