Financial Support Model Innovation of Agricultural Special Economic Animal Breeding Cooperatives

  • Yuliang Sun
Keywords: Special Economic Animal, Farming Cooperative, Financial Support, Innovation Mode


The Agricultural Special Economic Animal Breeding Cooperative is a mutual economic organization
based on household contract management and based on resources such as producers, operators, and service
providers of agricultural production. The development of agricultural cooperatives is an urgent need for
agricultural development and economic growth. Strengthening the development of agricultural cooperatives has
important practical significance for accelerating the construction of new rural areas and promoting the
development of rural economy. The purpose of this paper is to explore the combination of financial support
innovation models and agricultural economic animal breeding cooperatives. Through questionnaire survey, the
main status and development characteristics of agricultural special economic animal breeding cooperatives were
analyzed. The experimental results show that cooperatives with registered capital of more than 1 million yuan
accounted for 27.18%. About 50% of the farmers' professional cooperatives have surplus funds, and each has an
average capital of 324,700 yuan. The financial support model innovation constructed in this paper has
far-reaching practical value.