Concentration and Competitiveness of Anhui Pig Industry Cluster

  • Jingfeng Zhao
Keywords: Industrial Cluster, Animal Husbandry Industry, Industrial Cluster Concentration, Industrial Cluster Competitiveness


Industrial cluster is an important driving force for the rapid and healthy development of regional
economy. At the same time, it is also an important strategic means to rationalize regional economic layout,
optimize resource allocation, establish spatial innovation system and form regional competitive advantage. How
to realize the healthy and sustainable development of Anhui pig industry by studying and drawing lessons from
the theory and practice of industrial clusters, it has become an urgent problem in Anhui's regional economic
growth, which is related to the modernization of animal husbandry. This paper mainly studies the concentration
and competitiveness of Anhui pig industry cluster. Through the analysis of this paper, during the experiment,
there were 338 subsidy policies, accounting for 52.98% of the total population. This indicates that farmers need
government subsidies for feed, veterinary drugs, vaccines and pollution treatment to reduce the cost of farming.
However, the number of people who choose technology learning and policy subsidies is relatively small; they
are 250 and 217 respectively. The reason is that breeders do not have strong awareness of quality and safety and
environmental protection, and they are unwilling to learn technology. Finally, the empirical conclusion shows
that the competitiveness of pig industry cluster in Anhui Province is very strong. It has a series of problems,
such as insufficient economies of scale, insufficient market demand, shortage of pig breeding talents,
insufficient policy support and so on. In view of the problems in the pig industry cluster in Anhui Province, this
paper puts forward the corresponding policy suggestions and countermeasures. In order to promote the
competitiveness of pig industry cluster as a level of improvement, and then to ensure the sustainable
development of Anhui pig industry cluster to provide a solid guarantee.