Prevention and Control of Infectious Pustulosis of Sheep

  • Youjiang Diao
Keywords: Infectious Pustulosis, Infectious Pustulosis Virus, Disease Control, Sheep Breeding.


Infectious pustulosis of sheep, also known as infectious pustular dermatitis, is caused by infection
with infectious pustulosis virus. The disease has a high incidence, rapid spread, mainly lamb symptoms are more
serious, and often affect development after recovery. According to the laboratory test results of infectious
pustulosis of sheep, this study puts forward prevention and control measures, which can reduce the risk of
disease in the process of large-scale breeding of mutton sheep, and promote the development of sheep industry
in a larger scale, specialization and standardization. In addition, this paper investigates the scale of sheep farms
in the target area. From the results of the investigation, the main problems existing in the prevention and control
of epidemic diseases in the large-scale sheep farms in the target area were summarized and analyzed. At the
same time, the comprehensive prevention and control technologies of epidemic diseases such as scientific
feeding, disinfection and strict immunization were put forward.