Reconstruction and Information Management of Intelligent Computer Room for Intervention Diagnosis and Treatment in Animal Quarantine Hospital

  • Jianhai Tang
Keywords: Ant Colony Algorithm, Zoology Management, Intelligent Machine Room for Interventional Diagnosis and Treatment in Animal Quarantine Hospital, Fire Safety, Information Management


All kinds of computer rooms in the communication industry are often scattered, the types of property
rights and duty forms are not unified, and the fire monitoring management of computer rooms is difficult. On
the other hand, communication rooms (especially small ones) are prone to security risks in terms of safe
evacuation and fire-fighting facilities. How to improve the ability of prevention and fighting in the early stage of
the computer room has become a crucial problem in communication safety production. The purpose of this
paper is to use the management method of zoology for reference to realize the effective planning and
management of the firefighting path of the communication room in the building. Aiming at the problem of path
planning in fire emergency, an analysis model of optimal path planning for fire emergency based on improved
ant colony algorithm is proposed. The model is based on the actual computer room channel, and builds a
simulation dynamic computer room channel model through the data set. However, in the dynamic real-time
channel model, because of the complexity and variety of the computer room fire channel, the classic ant colony
algorithm cannot achieve the effect of optimal path analysis. In addition, in order to improve the efficiency of
the ant colony algorithm and speed up the convergence speed of the algorithm, the pheromone factor is added to
optimize the ant colony algorithm. The experimental results show that the optimized ant colony algorithm can
improve the efficiency of the algorithm on the basis of ensuring to find the optimal path.