Effect and Mechanism of Glutamine on Lung Inflammation in Rats with Premature Hyperoxia Lung Injury

  • Baolai Li
Keywords: Glutamine, Premature Hyperoxia, Lung, Inflammation


To analyze the effect and mechanism of glutamine on lung inflammation in rats with premature
hyperoxia lung injury. Rats were anesthetized, and lipopolysaccharide (LPS) was administered intratracheally to
induce lung inflammation. Then 24 hours later, perform a ventilator (MV) again, with low tidal volume (6 mL /
kg). 5 cmH2O positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) or high tidal volume (22 mL / kg). PEEP is zero and lasts
4 h. GLN or lactated Ringer's solution was given as a placebo intravenously 15 minutes before MV. In high tidal
volume ventilated LPS rats, glutamine (GLN) treatment improved lung injury index and lung mechanics and
cytokine response compared with placebo. In the context of reducing premature hyperoxia lung injury, it may be
beneficial to give GLN immediately before MV.