The Application of Air Boosting Effect in the Formation of Geese Flying in Student Management

  • Qiang Xu
Keywords: Goose Research, Flying Formation, Booster Effect, Student Management


Dayan relies on a weak body to face a dangerous journey, overcome many difficulties and obstacles,
and finally reach the ideal side. What is behind this great feat is to support and drive them. Obviously, it is an
exquisite team management art. The flight assist effect of wild goose array is amazing, so how to make perfect
use of this great effect in the management of students? The purpose of this article is to solve the problems
existing in the existing student management system, as well as to apply the air boosting effect of flying geese to
solve the problems faced by student management. To this end, this article applies the two modes of conventional
management and goose effect management to two groups with almost the same number and academic
performance, and conducts research and analysis on them. The results of the study show that compared with the
traditional management mode, the team adopting the goose formation boosting effect management model has a
20% improvement in academic performance, a 26% improvement in teamwork ability, and a 32% improvement
in learning efficiency. The contradiction has been reduced by 60%. The flight assist effect of wild goose array
has a great help in improving the overall quality of students.