Influence of Wildlife Conservation in the Construction of Ecological Environment

  • Hong Tian
Keywords: Ecological Environment, Environmental Construction, Wild animals, Animal Protection


Ecological environment and biodiversity protection are one of the hot topics in the 21st century.
Destruction and loss of habitat, illegal use of wildlife, overexploitation of resources, and lack of awareness of
protection will all have adverse effects on biodiversity and ecosystems. China's unscientific dryland
afforestation has caused environmental degradation to continue unabated. The main reason is the lack of
scientific ecological environment and biodiversity protection knowledge and education. With the country's
emphasis on wildlife protection legislation, the strength and effectiveness of citizens' protection of wildlife have
increased year by year. How to coordinate the contradiction between man and nature is not only a key issue in
legislation, but also related to the realization of the right to human development and the balance of the
ecosystem. In order to better protect wild animals, strengthen the construction of ecological environment.
Through a large number of investigations and experiments, this paper finds that the protection of wild animals is
particularly important to strengthen the construction of the ecological environment. Strengthening law
enforcement and publicity can better protect rare animals. Through the joint efforts of various departments,
poaching in many regions has dropped to single digits, which has been almost zero. Through the research in this
article, it is found that protecting animals is an important part of the ecological environment construction. I hope
that the research in this article will promote the animal protection and the construction of the ecological
environment in China.