Effect of Music Intervention on Immune Function of Chronic Emotional Stress Rats

  • Jieyu Xu
Keywords: Music Intervention, Emotional Stress, Immune Function, Corticosterone Content, 1L-1β Immune Factor


For a long time, people have recognized that stress can affect health and increase the incidence of
diseases. Among them, emotional stress is closely related to the susceptibility mechanism of human diseases.
With the acceleration of people's life rhythm and the increase of work pressure, the incidence of various related
diseases caused by emotional stress continues to increase, with anxiety and depression accounting for a large
proportion. As one of the means to regulate physiological rhythm and improve mood, music is also used to treat
emotional disorders. At the same time, music as a non-drug therapy has also achieved good results. It can
improve people's emotions and immunity to a certain extent, and has the dual functions of regulating physiology
and psychology, but its mechanism still needs further study. Based on the above background, the research
content of this article is the effect of music intervention on the immune function of chronic emotional stress rats.
In order to explore the effect of music intervention on the content of plasma corticosterone and 1L-1β in
emotional stress rats, an experimental simulation was carried out in this paper. Compared with the normal
control group, the number of horizontal and vertical movements in the stress group was significantly reduced (P
<0.01). After music therapy, the number of horizontal and vertical movements increased significantly (P <0.01).
The results show that relaxing music can improve the psychological behavior of rats with chronic psychological
stress and reduce their anxiety and depression. There was no significant difference between the two factors on
IL-1β (P> 0.05). Music has no regulatory effect on IL-1β in stress rats and has a significant interaction with IL-2
(P <0.01). Music has a regulatory effect on IL-2 secretion in normal and stress rats.