Animal Behavior Abnormality and Earthquake Disaster Early Warning

  • Yanbing Liu
Keywords: Abnormal Animal Behavior, Earthquake Disaster, Disaster Warning, Modern Molecular Biology


Before the earthquake disaster, the behavior of animals often showed abnormal phenomena, which
has been widely recognized. China has observed abnormal behaviors of animals before the earthquake, and how
to use this phenomenon for early warning of earthquake disasters has become a research hotspot. Therefore, it is
essential to carry out related research on animal behavior abnormalities and earthquake disaster warnings. The
purpose of this article is to solve the problem of how to use animal behavior abnormalities to achieve early
warning of earthquake disasters. By using modern molecular biology techniques to explain the mechanism of
animal behavior abnormalities before earthquakes, and then find out the animal's unique response to earthquake
precursors The behavior analyzes the specific causes of anomalies, and discusses the specific measures to
improve the accuracy of earthquake disaster warning, which provides the corresponding theoretical basis for the
early warning of earthquake disasters. The results of the study show that, through network data survey and
statistics, most animal abnormal behaviors are concentrated in the day or two before the earthquake, and 90% of
animal abnormal behaviors occur within 10 hours before the earthquake, and the animal abnormalities in the
area where the earthquake occurred The range is up to 100-200km. Although the distribution is uneven, they are
basically distributed in the future seism genic structures, the trend of active fault zones, and the inflection points
of faults. These phenomena are used to predict the accuracy of earthquakes by 95% through simulation