The Protection of Animal Resources to Develop Traditional Villages and Promote the Development of Ecotourism

  • Guangwei Wang
Keywords: Animal Protection, Village Development, Ecotourism Development, Tourism Development


Now people ’s living standards are getting higher and higher, the traditional way of travel can no
longer satisfy people, and people are more and more hoping to get close to nature, so under this condition, this
way of eco-tourism came into being and can Said that eco-tourism is a very important form of tourism. However,
with the development of ecotourism in recent years, the development of tourist destinations has also affected the
life of wildlife. This requires us to strengthen research and find effective methods to solve this problem. 3.
Alleviating the contradiction between man and land has a very important role. In this paper, through the
development of ecotourism in the development of traditional villages to strengthen the protection of animal
resources, a large number of investigations have been conducted. Through research, it was found that through
the development of ecotourism development, strengthening supervision has played a very good role in animal
protection. At the same time bring a lot of local economic income. In four years, the local monthly average
income has increased fivefold. This shows that the development of traditional villages to promote eco-tourism is
particularly important. It is hoped that the research in this article can promote the animal protection and
economic development in China.