The Construction of the Training System of Horse Animal Epidemic Prevention and Quarantine Professionals

  • Feng Wang
Keywords: Equine Animal, Epidemic Prevention Personnel Training, Quarantine Personnel Training, System Construction


With the rapid development of animal husbandry, more and more kinds of animal diseases are
harming the health of livestock and poultry. Animal diseases have become an important factor that restricts the
rapid economic growth of animal husbandry, hinders the expansion of export of animal products and affects the
quality and safety of animal origin food. The prevention and control of large animal disease has become an
important part of the social public health system, which not only directly affects the development of animal
husbandry and the increase of farmers' income, but also directly relates to the health of the people, public health
safety and social stability, as well as an important factor to improve the overall quality of China's animal
products and international competitiveness. As the basic link of animal epidemic prevention and control,
grass-roots animal epidemic prevention and control system determines the success or failure of epidemic
prevention and control. At present, the current situation of "broken line, broken network and scattered people"
exists in most grassroots epidemic prevention organizations in China. It is imperative to construct the training
system of horse animal epidemic prevention and quarantine professionals. Through questionnaire survey, this
paper investigates the training situation of animal epidemic prevention and quarantine professionals in our city.
It is found that there are 472 on-the-job personnel, 210 professionals, accounting for 44.5%, of which 56 are
undergraduates, accounting for 11.8%; 126 are livestock and veterinary professionals, accounting for 26.7%, the
second major is animal husbandry and veterinary, accounting for 20.9%.