Effects of Extra Protein Nutrition on Exhausted Exercise in Mice

  • Guorui Quan
Keywords: Exercise Fatigue, Protein Nutrition, Exhaustive Exercise, Controlled Experiment


With the increasingly fierce competition and increasing intensity of modern competitive sports, it is
urgent and necessary for athletes to prevent and eliminate various fatigue symptoms after overload training.
Studies have shown that supplementing protein nutrition in a timely manner can effectively eliminate exercise
fatigue. To this end, this article explores the effect of supplementary protein nutrition on exhausting exercise in
mice. In the experiment, this article refers to the previous research foundation and establishes Treadmill sports
fatigue model, and a control experiment was set up with 24 mice. This study found that exercise fatigue caused
by exercise training can reduce LDH activity, CK activity, and Glu concentration in mice. Among them, LDH
decreased by 65.94%, CK activity increased by 55.97%, and Glu concentration increased by 34.67. %. In
addition, this study found that additional protein nutrition can prolong the exhaustive exercise time in mice. The
results of this study can provide a certain reference value for the recovery of athletes' exercise fatigue and
nutritional supplements.