Effect of Bupleurum soup on Tumor Angiogenesis in S180 Tumor-bearing Mice

  • Yufeng Wu
Keywords: Common Goldenrop Soup, S180 Tumor-bearing Mice, Tumor Angiogenesis, Microvascular Density, Cell Growth Factor


To investigate the effect of XCHT on tumor angiogenesis in tumor-bearing mice. S180
tumor-burdened replicate mice model, through the quantitative determination of 8 factor related antigen ((FⅧ
—RA)) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression and so on to study the effects of inhibiting
tumor and small bupleurum soup in the fight against the possibility of angiogenesis. (1) Small bupleurum soup
(P<0.05) had a good effect on tumor inhibition and anti-angiogenesis, but it had a certain dose dependence,
among which small dose was the best. (2) Compared with the model group, the microvascular density (MVD) of
the small-dose group showed a significantly decreasing trend (P<0.05). However, for the small, medium and
large doses of small bupleurum soup, there were significant inhibitory effects (P<0.05). (3) Compared with the
model group, ERC-C3b in the small-dose group of common goldenrop soup was significantly reduced (P<0.01),
while erc-ic in each dose group had an increasing trend, but the most significant increase was in the
medium-dose group (P< 0.05). Common goldenrop soup has obvious inhibitory effect on tumor growth and
tumor angiogenesis in S180 tumor-bearing mice.