Application of Animal Food Management in Internet Financial Growth System

  • Jingming Zhang
Keywords: Internet Finance, External Risk, Animal Food Management, Internet Financial Growth System


Nowadays, with the rapid development of Internet and economy, Internet finance, a new ecological
finance, is brewing. At present, the Internet finance companies represented by Alibaba have made amazing
achievements. Internet Finance integrates data generated by social networks and online transactions, makes
credit judgment on customers, and uses electronic payment means to complete credit consumption, loan and
other lending behaviors. However, the essence of Internet finance is still finance, and the essence of financial
industry is business risk, which means that Internet finance has serious external risks under the network effect,
thus affecting the growth of Internet finance. Therefore, this paper studies the risk of Internet financial growth,
applies the safety assurance system of animal food management to the risk control of Internet financial growth
system, and promotes the development of Internet finance again. Through the form of questionnaire, this paper
shows that the application of the safety assurance system in animal food management to the Internet financial
growth system can well control the risks in the process of Internet financial growth, improve the Internet
financial growth system, and promote the development of the Internet financial industry again.