Application of Animal Source Food Management in Marketing

  • Haixia Zhang
Keywords: Animal Source Food Management, Food Safety, Marketing, Food Management


The management of animal-derived food is related to human health and well-being, is closely related
to national stability and social harmony, and has a major relationship with the construction of socialist
modernization. The purpose of this article is to apply the analysis methods and laws of animal-origin food
management in marketing to achieve the systematic implementation of animal-origin food management methods
and to reflect the standardized management of marketing plans, schedules, quality, and risks. The article briefly
analyzes the relationship between animal-based food management and marketing activities, and digs out the
important value of safety management in marketing activities, combined with food safety production and quality
control, which is simple, reasonable, scientific and highly professional. The preventive food safety control
guarantee system is widely used in marketing to get the best marketing plan. Experiments have shown that
marketing programs and methods using animal-source food management account for 60% of the success of
marketing, and can increase the stability of marketing by 40%. Compared with the traditional marketing plan,
the application of animal source food management in marketing can efficiently, quickly and steadily increase
the value and spread of impact, and finally achieve the simultaneous improvement of quantity and quality.