Fungus Plant Animal Circular Economy Agricultural Production System

  • Xiaoxi Zheng
Keywords: Fungus Plant Animal, Agricultural Production, Circulatory System, Economic Development


With the rapid development of the world economy, non-renewable resources are facing the problem
of exhaustion. Circular economy is destined to be the main direction of future development. In response to
China's resource and environmental problems, the sustainable development of the agricultural economy has
received increasing attention. Scabs, plants, and animals are the main components of agriculture, and the
formation of a circular system between these three can maximize the economic benefits of agricultural
production. The purpose of this article is to solve the problems existing in the current agricultural production
circular economy, and is committed to solving the difficulties faced by the mutual utilization of fungi, plants and
animals. This article fully understands the current status and development trends of China's agricultural circular
economy. On the basis, scientific research has been conducted on the basic principles and supporting
technologies of the agricultural circular economy. At the same time, the waste and waste materials generated in
the agricultural production of scavenger plants and animals and the recycling economy brought by the recycling
of waste materials are investigated. The research results show that in the entire agricultural economy, the
byproducts of the dust can bring an additional 6% of economic income, the plant by-products can bring an
additional 9% of economic income, and the recycling of animal by-products can bring an additional 8% of the
economic income. Once the fungus plants and animals form a complete recycling system, the economic benefits
will increase by 28%.